One of the best things somebody can do for their life is to stop the harmful habit of smoking. This addiction is directly related to many types of cancer and other skin diseases and conditions.

When a person smokes, the combustion of tobacco produces toxic smokes that completely affect the respiratory system. Therefore, when a smoker quits, their lungs, pharynx, larynx, and mouth celebrate because they will not be exposed to any more of these toxins.

How to stop smoking using vapor

One strategy to stop smoking is to switch to electronic cigarettes. Tobacco e-juice can be a reliable alternative to heavy smokers that need some help in the process of quitting.

These devices offer the user the alternative of receiving the nicotine shot the body may be demanding without the toxic and harmful effects of smoke and tar.

Exercise little by little

Celebrating the end of a smoking period can be fantastic, just keep in mind that your body needs some time to readjust and to find a new healthy balance. Your lungs may not be ready for a marathon, even though you are. Try to go back to exercise step by step, gentle walking and swimming can be a good option since they both involve a smooth control of breathing.

Mild exercise that focuses on breathing can help gain back some strength in the lungs that was lost after smoking for long periods of time. Yoga is an excellent option for this, the effort involved requires the person to focus on how to inhale and exhale properly really. This awareness of the breathing cycle can be very beneficial for an ex-smoker

Pay a visit to the dentist

Smoking severely affects the teeth and gums in the smoker’s mouth. If the smoking period has been too long the damage may be even more visible. The dentist can evaluate how to repair the damage and how to have healthy teeth and mouth again, some special treatment may be necessary.

Besides the regular check up, the dentist can also verify what type of brush and toothpaste is going to be necessary for the recovery of the mouth.

Avoid black beverages

The reason behind this healthy tip is very simple. Black beverages such as coke or coffee will stain your teeth. After you quit smoking teeth, usually have a yellowish tone, and they need to be cleaned thoroughly to get them to be white again. After cleaned, it is advisable to stay away from beverages that could ruin the whitening process already done.

In some cases, consuming black or dark beverages not only stains the teeth but also alter the acidity of the mouth and allow bacteria to reproduce faster, which produces terrible breath.

Use nicotine patches if withdrawal is too strong

Some people were heavy smokers for a very long time, and their bodies are used to receiving large doses of nicotine. When this smoker quits, the withdrawal symptoms can be extreme and difficult to cope with. For these cases it may be useful to have nicotine patches or e-cigarettes, that can give the user’s body a small amount of nicotine to alleviate the nasty symptoms of withdrawal without risking the respiratory system of being exposed to toxins.

Stay away from secondhand smoke

Quitting was the best decision. But it is not the only thing to have in mind. Smoke from other sources, that is to say, second hand smoke is also very harmful. If will also affect the respiratory system and it may also cause some cravings and the desire to smoke again.

The best would be to stay away from it so that the body is really out of danger, and the urges to smoke again are controlled.

Final piece of advice: persevere

The key to stopping smoking is perseverance. Staying true to the purpose of a healthier life can be difficult sometimes. It is very important to find the necessary motivation to continue on the right track and eventually obtain the so wished for health results.

If there is somebody else in the journey with you, quitting smoking may be easier and more enjoyable. You could motivate each other and find the strength that is required so that temptation is left aside.

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