The common perception is that tasty foods are bad for your teeth. Well, that’s not always true! Preventing sugar cavities and keeping bad breath at bay is not just about controlling cravings for scrumptious snacks. While visiting a dental clinic after every six months for routine cleaning is a must, it is also possible to make oral care fun by consuming food that is not only gastronomically appealing but also gentle on your teeth. Here we present a quick rundown of all the foods that you never thought were beneficial for your teeth:

Dark Chocolate

When it comes to foods that are bad for dental health, chocolate probably tops the list. However, interestingly enough, dark chocolate begs to differ. It contains loads of tannins, antioxidants, and minerals that not only strengthen the enamel coating on your teeth but also prevent bacteria from colonizing in the crevices of your mouth. Additionally, it does a great job of refreshing bad breath by creating a hostile environment that produces it in the first place. To top it all, it theobromine, which tightens tooth enamel and minimize sugar deposition.


Kale does contain lots of calcium, which is the primary mineral involved in the formation of bone and teeth, and it requires a great deal of chewing. As such, it causes the production of excess saliva, which spreads all over your teeth, washing it again and again just like a carwash.


Just like citrus fruits, strawberries too have a high acidic content. The acid, in this case, is malic acid, which has the potential to whiten your enamel if taken in controlled amounts. It’s important to understand that excess consumption can lead to tooth erosion, a phenomenon that eliminates enamel-the protective covering on your teeth.


Cheese may be fattening and not as healthy as milk, but it is still a powerful source of calcium and is known to maintain pH balance in your mouth, promoting normal microflora in your teeth and preclude the settlement of those pesky bacteria that produce plaques and bad breath. And with more than 90% of the body calcium being stored in the teeth and bones, it’s not surprising that a rich calcium source like cheese is good for your teeth!

Artificial Sweetener

Yes, you read it right! Artificial sweetener is actually very good for your teeth! It is often a part of sugar-free gum, which when chewed promotes increased saliva production, thereby washing away the acids and deposits left by bacteria.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits typically include lemons, oranges, grapefruits and clementines. Being enriched with citric acid, they are good for your immunity. However, excess consumption could lead to the deposition of citric acid on the enamel of the teeth, causing them to become more susceptible to mechanical erosion. However, the high levels of vitamin C in citrus fruits strengthen connective tissue and blood vessels, thereby reducing inflammation and slowing down the progression of tooth decay. Just ensure not to brush your teeth instantly after munching on a citrus fruit or gulping down orange juice.

Ending Note

In addition to consuming the aforementioned foods, it is advisable to visit a renowned dental clinic every six months or so, for routine checkup and cleaning. A combination of proper diet and expert consultation could keep your teeth stronger, your smile brighter and your breath refreshed in the long run.


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