Millions of people all over the world suffer from dental problems. Majority of the cases can be attributed to the lack of awareness about dental care or maybe due to the lackadaisical attitude in holistic dental care. Now, the million dollar question what this holistic care all about. Well, to begin he

3re with the right mindset, we must say that the word holistic relates to the functional relationship between the parts and the whole of a thing. Having said that, we mean, when you look for a holistic care from a family dentist, for instance, you must look for the following five attributes in him.

No amalgam fillings

An amalgam filling is made of four elements namely tin, copper, mercury, and silver. 50% mercury is used in an amalgam filling with a view to bonding the other three elements together.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of an amalgam filling is that it’s easy to handle during a dental filling. As such, many dentists prefer an amalgam filling. But, a dentist at the holistic dental care center will never work with an amalgam filling as the mercury used in this filling leaks out every time you chew something. Having said that, we mean, chances of leaking the mercury out of the filling remain high. Thus, you are likely to suffer from cramping muscles, lack of concentration, and mild tremor to name a few.

No fluoride treatment

Your holistic care family dentist will never take you through a fluoride treatment. After all, fluoride takes a toll on your health. Ingesting fluoride causes permanent discoloration of your teeth, skin rashes, stomach ailments, and impairment of glucose metabolism. Unfortunately, a toothpaste usually contains fluoride. Hence, a holistic care dentist never advises for fluoride toothpaste.

No sealants

Your family dentist for a holistic care will not use sealants since it has a very limited success. Having said that, we mean, a sealant cannot prevent a very advanced stage of tooth decay. Instead, it may be useful for treating the early signs of the cavity. However, a dentist has to be watchful on the sealant’s condition from time to time. It means you would need to see your family dentist more often than it is usually required.

Use of biocompatible materials

You will be happy to know that holistic care dentists use biocompatible materials that is, in essence, a tooth-colored composite material and it doesn’t harm you. In other words, materials used here are non-toxic and non-injurious to your health.

Sparing X-rays

X-ray is an electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 0.1-10 nanometers. Therefore, an exposure to X-rays is harmful. However, it becomes inevitable in many cases. Therefore, your holistic care dentist would not ideally go for the X-rays, especially in the case kids below the age of 13 years.

However, the list above isn’t exhaustive. You may find some other points relevant here for your holistic dental care. On the whole, the holistic care here is evolving with time. It is your need that will drive you here to pick up the best.

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