Your smile is one of the first things people notice when meeting greeting strangers. Keeping your teeth healthy and white takes a little bit of work, but the payoff is worth the effort. Below are eight tips for keeping a whiter and brighter smile.

1 – Eat Raw Fruits and Vegetables

Raw fruits and vegetables provide a lot of the crunch needed to keep the teeth and gums healthy, without being too much. You will also gain the benefits of extra vitamins and minerals your body needs in the process. Carrots, apples, and celery are all excellent sources of fiber and will help keep your gums healthy.

2 – Brush and Floss Regularly

You need to brush and floss your teeth at least twice each day. There are also little disposable toothbrushes that you can carry with you to work or school for lunchtime oral care. The important thing is to try and keep food getting trapped between the teeth or down in the gums for hours at a time. This sets your teeth up for decay.

3 – Avoid Staining Foods and Drinks

Blueberries, coffee, tea and smoking cigarettes can all leave ugly stains on your teeth. If these are a must in your life, brush your teeth immediately after consumption, although you should totally quit smoking for other health reasons.

4 – Avoid Sugary Drinks

Drinks that contain a ton of sugar can bring about serious tooth decay. Soda pop is loaded with sugar and has acid that will strip the enamel off of the surface of your teeth. You will eventually have no protection against bacteria and tooth decay.

5 – Keep a Toothpick Handy

It never fails that you go out and about, grab a quick bite to eat and end up with something stuck in between your teeth. Carry toothpicks with you for these occasions. you can keep them in your purse, wallet, or the glove compartment of your vehicle. There will come a time you are very glad you did this.

6 – Avoid Chewing Hard Candy and Ice Cubes

Chewing on hard items can lead to cracking the tooth. The crack can be so minute that it is not noticeable. Everything you eat and drink from this point can access the inner parts of the tooth. Eventually, the wall of the tooth will rot from the inside out. You may end up with a tooth that is a total loss and has to be pulled.

7 – Check with Your Dentist if You Feel Tooth Pain

Tooth sensitivity and pain can be an indication that you have a cavity. Schedule an appointment with your dentist at the first indication of pain. There might be a way to fix the problem and relieve the pain or discomfort.

8 – Have Your Teeth Checked and Cleaned Every 6 Months

You should visit your dentist and have your teeth examined and cleaned once every six months. Your teeth will stay healthier, brighter, and whiter. It is the best way for your dental team to discover any potential problems sooner and get them fixed.

Good oral hygiene techniques and regular check-ups are the most beneficial tools you have in maintaining great teeth. Make an appointment today with dental experts like Owens Dental and keep your smile healthy and white.

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