Thanks to inventions like dentures, you can still smile confidently and go on with your daily routine even after losing a set of teeth. Dentists and dental surgeons in Alexandria have received many patient testimonials how false teeth have helped them cope up with the aching loss of their teeth — especially when it comes to eating and dining, which is a huge part of a person’s social life.

But as what people always say, there’s always another side to a story. Unlike dental implants, dentures are prone to slipping and falling because they’re not attached to the jawbone.

Are you a first-time denture wearer? If you don’t want to get caught up in that embarrassing moment of your dentures falling off while enjoying a hearty meal, check out these eight fool-proof tips we’ve rounded up.

After getting your dentures, eat soft foods first

One of the best pieces of advice you need to follow is to take things slowly. As your mouth is still in the adjustment period, eat foods that are soft first. Foods like eggs and fishes and oatmeals won’t put much effort on your teeth when you chew them.

Cut firm foods into smaller pieces

Over time, your mouth is now capable of taking in firmer foods, like fruits, vegetables and slow-cooked white meat. Before eating them, take time to cut them into smaller, bite-sized pieces.

Chew on both sides

Never chew just on the front portion of your mouth. To distribute the pressure and keep your dentures stable when you eat, you need to chew on both sides in the back of your mouth.

Don’t drink hot liquids carelessly

Dentists and dental surgeons in Alexandria would also suggest for you take extra caution when drinking hot liquids like soup and coffee. Dentures have an insulating capacity. With these, you won’t feel the heat unless the other part of your mouth does. Take small sips at first and drink them casually as your mouth gets adjusted with the drinks’ temperature.

Be extra cautious with sticky foods

Like with hot liquids, you also need to be careful when eating sticky foods like gums and berries. These foods get easily stuck between your gum and dentures. This can further lead to infection.

Use a denture adhesive

To be more confident with your dentures, you can use a denture adhesive to help keep them in place, most especially when you eat.

It will definitely take some time before you can adjust with your mouth having dentures. If you feel any discomfort, never hesitate to tell all about it to your dentist or to one of your trusted dental surgeons in Alexandria. But keep in mind that at first, you can expect to feel a little soreness and to taste food differently.

As a general rule, you must take care of your dentures to keep them in good condition. Like your real teeth, they need to be brushed regularly. Take them out every after a meal and brush them gently. Every night, take them out and soak them to keep them clean.

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