Knee replacement treatment does exactly what its name implies; it corrects problems related to the knee that might have been caused by various factors as listed below:

  •    Knee injury.
  •    Degeneration and arthritis.
  •    Overuse of the knee due to excessive exercise or sports.

One of the best clinics to patronize for knee replacement treatment in Singapore is Providence Orthopaedics. They have been in the profession for long and have proved themselves to be true professionals.

Excessive sporting or exercise activities can lead to knee problems since most of these activities involve the use of the knees. The sportsperson needs to use the knees at all times, and this puts the knee in a consistent pain.  The problem with knee pain is that it can persist for several years from the initial cause of the problem.

Whatever the cause of the problem, you can trust Providence Orthopaedic when looking for a reliable outlet for knee replacement treatment in Singapore.

Symptoms of knee pain

Multiple symptoms are associated with this problem, and they give you a forewarning of the problem you are dealing with. The symptoms are related to different parts of the knee, like the tendons, cartilage, ligaments, and bone. Some of them are highlighted below.

You will feel pain when you subject your knee to pressure.


You can also feel pain when you climb stairs, run or walk.  You will also find the pain getting worse gradually.

When you feel any of the above problems, it is a sign that you need a medical professional. If you reside in Singapore and want to get the knee problem treated, then you can get in touch with Providence Orthopaedics. They remain the most reliable outlet for knee replacement treatment in Singapore.

Complications of the knee problem

The sooner you treat the knee problem, the better. If left untreated, it can get worse and result in complications. You may also find yourself in an emergency situation.

Some of the common complications associated with knee problem are highlighted below:

  • It may result in fever.
  • The affected area of the knee becomes warm to the touch and red in appearance.
  • The pain becomes unbearable.

Inability to walk freely

The fever complication of knee problem is usually due to infection.  The knee usually becomes swollen as a result, and the pain rarely improves you should not delay seeing a doctor when you find yourself in this condition, and the best place to look for a professional doctor is none other than Providence Orthopaedics.

Why Providence Orthopaedics

Providence Orthopaedics is undoubtedly a leading platform for those in need of knee replacement treatment in Singapore.  They offer various forms of knee treatments and surgeries as highlighted below:

  •    Total knee replacement.
  •    Partial knee replacement, conventional and MAKOplasty.
  •    Osteotomy of the knee.
  •    Fixation of fractures using plates and screws.
  •    Posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
  •    Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.
  •    Osteoarticular transfer system.
  •    Meniscus repair.
  •    Knee arthroscopy.
  •    Joint lubrication injection.
  •    Platelet-Rich-Plasma injection therapy.

They are true professionals and adequately equipped to offer quality medical services at all times.

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