Nose filters are considered revolutionary novice health product which has been designed for helping shield those people who suffer from chemical sensitivities and allergies from both indoor and outdoor air pollutants. When people use these personal filters, they lessen their dependency on medications which might create undesired side effects. Additionally, these filters are helpful in reducing the danger of a reaction to various environmental pollutants. The good thing is these filters work safely and unnoticeably in your nose for preventing severe airborne particulates, micro-organisms, and chemicals from getting inhaled. In fact, they remain virtually invisible and ideal for those who despise wearing a mask.

The properties of the nose filters

  • Effectual filtration – These filters block nearly 99.9% of allergens, viruses, and dust particles for permitting you to breathe clean air constantly.
  • Hypo-allergic – These filters are created from the superior quality hypo-allergic materials which are tested as well as intended for keeping your lungs and skin safe minus any irritation.
  • Long-lasting – You can use every pair of filter for nearly a day and you will not confront any issues at all. On the contrary, the traditional dust masks are needed to be changed every three-four hours.
  • Easy to use – You can easily apply any kind of nostril and that too within some seconds only! Additionally, you are liberal to remove them besides sticking them again for some times when the need arises.
  • Discrete – The nose filters when bought from MyHealthyAir turn out to be much more discreet compared to the contemporary dust masks and they are hardly visible from even a close distance. You can wear these filters indoors and outdoors both.
  • Filter quality – The filters from the reputed online sites come with the highest standards and they come armed with registered patents for protecting their customers from hazardous imitations.

Some important things you ought to know

You can reuse the frame of your nasal filter and you must wash it with the help of soapy water or you can also use 70% alcohol daily before drying it in the shade. Again, the replacement filters happen to be disposable and they require changing in a few days. However, the smell can’t be isolated from the nasal filter entirely and additionally, the nasal filter is intended based on your nostrils’ shape for you to have comfort and fitting properly. Under regular conditions, every nose filters from MyHealthyAir can be used for 2-5 days minus losing effectiveness, based on your personal sensitivity levels plus the amount of environmental pollutants present in the air.

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