Career anxiety is common, and it affects far more people in the boardroom than you might realize. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you experience sometimes-distracting and always-crippling career anxiety. It might manifest before a big meeting, during a huge talk or when you’re called in by the boss for a presentation – and yes, it can be overcome.

Here’s practical advice for how to get over career anxiety so you can face your next challenges head-on.

Anchoring Your Anxiety

Anchoring is a well-known technique used by thousands of anxiety-sufferers every day – many of them professional speakers and performers. Sometimes it involves touching or holding on-to a physical object like a microphone, podium or water bottle; other times it involves focusing on a specific visual point in the crowd. It’s great distraction, and anchoring is often the first step to dealing with performance or career anxiety of any sort.

Planning for Panic 

The edge that comes with panic and anxiety is usually the fact that it happens suddenly and unexpectedly. Learning how to plan for the anxiety that precedes a large event can help to take the edge off, and it can help you to better prepare for the feeling that you know will hit. Together with anchoring and proper planning, career anxiety can be spotted ahead of time and dealt with before it hits – and you can channel the energy towards giving the best performance of your life, exceeding your expectations every time.

Seeking Professional Help

It’s okay to admit you need a little help: Anxiety can’t always be beaten alone. A professional psychotherapist and hypnotherapist can sometimes offer the necessary guidance that you need to make career anxiety a thing of the past, and they can teach you some coping techniques that you can use outside of sessions (and for decades after your consultation with your doctor) to make dealing with anxiety better and easier. 

Using Beta-Blockers

Beta-blockers are traditionally prescribed to control chronic heart conditions and blood pressure, but their occasional use has also been hailed as a potential way to make performance and career anxiety easier to deal with, often in combination with a more permanent therapeutic solution. Beta-blockers has taken before a stressful event can help take the edge off and help to control the physical reaction that stress has on the body including excess sweating, heart palpitations and the associated panic that comes with it.

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