When it comes to anger management a lot of us tend to struggle with being able to keep calm and or even calm ourselves down after we get upset. It doesn’t matter if you have been mandated or if you just feel like you could benefit from taking some anger management classes, you could be curious about what you should expect and how it will help. Now while yes there are several different ways that the classes might be taken, generally anger management classes are to teach people what they need to know when it comes to their emotions.

Attending a class

Going to a class can be intimidating in the beginning, but that is the first step in getting control of your emotions. Anger management classes are able to be taken by any who would like to get a better hold of their anger. You could encounter anyone from the mother who is constantly yelling at her kids to boss that blows up at his employees over nothing at these classes. These classes can also be court ordered which is where a judge will send a violent offender to complete a course or a judge could mandate a parent to go to management classes as part of the custody agreement.

Classes or One on One

In many management classes you are in more of an educational class setting rather than in a group therapy setting. In these settings a trained instructor will walk the participants through the steps of anger management strategies. At times the people who attend an anger management group also will require some individual therapy. For example, someone who experienced something really traumatic might be able to benefit greatly from having the individual therapy to help them deal with the trauma from their past along with learning the skills from the group at the same time. As far as prices go, a management class normally cost a lot less than individual therapy and participants tend to learn things form their classmates.

What is taught


The curriculums that are used in anger classes differ from class to class. Majority of them are cognitive behavioral therapy based strategies. What the cognitive behavioral approach to anger management does is it teaches the participants to recognize the warning signs of when their anger is starting to rise. They learn some relaxation strategies along with calming techniques. They also learn how to change their thoughts that feed their angry feelings. The members may be given a workbook along with weekly homework assignments that will give the participants the opportunity to practice their newly gained skills.

Don’t be afraid to get help

Going to an anger management class could help you get better a better hold of your anger. It’s understandable that finding a class can be a little bit overwhelming when you do not have any idea where to begin looking. If you feel like you could benefit (even just a little bit) from an anger management class, the first person you need to talk to is your doctor. They will be able to point you in the right direction to help you find a place that will help you out.

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