Dreadlock extensions are very amazing and I high recommend it for fashion women and men. Dread extensions is a great way to choose if you want long dreads and can’t wait your hair grow long but right now you do not have long hair. If you have cut your locks and want it back to its length immediately, dreadlock extensions will do the job. And if you miss your dreads and you have your old dreads, simply clean it up and re-attached it and you will have it again.

Talk about versatile! If you don’t have much hair and want to add volume, using dreadlock extensions to add your locks(or you dreads) will be a great choice to get the hair you want! What is the best part? When the dreadlock extensions is well attached by a good crochet hook, people will never know it was not your own natural locs, for it looks very very natural. Look the photos below of some our client’s dreadlock.

This is my own story. I will tell you what makes me to lock my hair, and what life it bring to me. You will never know what it looks like and how amazing you will become until you have had your dreads style, I tell you, after I did, I really like discover a new world-and sever years later, I still have my dreadlock style.

But it not just my story. Since I concern about the dread style, I have seen so many shining dreadlocked beauties over the years, and there are nothing like this crochet braids hair to give you an instant tribe! And I always enjoyed to hear their thought for dreads. From my deep heart, I know that “I just like them.” Each story is so personal and magical. As I write about my feelings, I realize that I need to write down thoughts of my friends, too.

And so the dreadlock extensions journey, no matter your like more of human hair dreadlock extensions, or synthetic dreadlock extensions—Conversations on Life, Love, Peace & Locs was born. Whether you just have your dreads, or you have had your dreads for year, or you just simply curious why someone want to do that to their hair! This blog is here for you!

“I was at a concert as a young teen and saw a beautiful woman perform with long dreadlocks and a nose piercing. I was smitten.” —Mandy Wagner

“Looking back I can see the spiritual lessons they taught me about judgment, vanity, and acceptance, especially of myself—choosing to love and accept myself despite what others were capable of supporting.”—Tara William

“Dreading my hair was a very spiritual decision for me. I had just surfaced from a tender and emotional 4.5 year fertility journey and adoption process. I was in such a powerful space of healing in regards to my womanhood and dreadlocks symbolized my rising from the ashes.”  —Victoria Little


After so much to know, are you wondering what is the cost of dreadlock extensions?? Well, it is an open question and just like someone ask: “how long is a stick??” It does not have an fixed answer. It depends all the factors: how much hair do you have, how many strands do you want, What quality do you want it be(human hair dreadlock extensions or synthetic dreadlock extensions), what brands do you prefer, are you going to DIY(do it yourself) or get a friend or hairstylist to do it. Get more knowing of dreadlocks and get cheap dreadlock extensions at dsoarhair.com.

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