You might be well into pregnancy and would be thrilled that your skin is glowing. But sometimes things could go wrong and you can replicate a teenager with your face full of pimples. Skin disorders during pregnancy do appear to be a common occurrence. During this phase some strange symptoms could appear and the skin does not appear to be immune to the various hormonal changes you go on to experience. Though most of them may seem annoying but they do fade away on its own once you go on to give birth. Pregnancy skin disorders medication can provide you considerable relief, but still you need to be aware of the various skin issues.

Linea Nigra

An increase in the amount of pimples due to pregnancy hormones is witnessed. Mask of pregnancy known as melasma would force dark patches to appear on your face. If you are facing this issue then you are not alone as nearly 75 % of women face this issue when they are pregnant.

All these conditions can be totally prevented with a good sunscreen lotion on your face which can help you reduce the effects. There is no need to worry as you will not be stuck with these changes for the rest of your life. Most of them will fade away after pregnancy. If after pregnancy they still go on to persist it would be better to get in touch with a dermatologist.

Stretch marks

Most pregnant women face this as it could be reddish streaks running across your stomach or belly. The chances of them appearing are high if you put on weight. It is better to follow the recommendation of your doctor regarding weight gain. Sometimes the evolution of stretch marks could also rise due to genetics.

You can prevent stretch marks by keeping your skin regularly moisturized with a cream or lotion. In case if you want to opt for an herbal remedy you can discuss with your doctor.


Pregnant women complain about acne during this phase. The hormones are in overdrive mode and they cause the oil glands to shell out more oil.

A remedial measure would be to clean your face with an over the counter soap in the morning and before going to bed. The over tropical treatments are safe to be used when you are pregnant. In case if you have any issues with a product you can ask the doctor. There are some medicines that are not safe to be used during pregnancy but it is always better to have a word with your doctor.

Skin tags

Small loose harmless growth of skin could appear anywhere in your body. When you are pregnant it tends to emerge at the back of the arms or breasts. Sadly you cannot do anything so as to prevent them, but after pregnancy they do go on to fade on its own

These are some of the skin disorders that you can expect when you are pregnant.

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