Building your practice means finding ways to see more patients. While you welcome the opportunity to help even more people improve their health, you also don’t want to become the doctor who rushes their patients through an appointment. You may also feel overloaded with the patients that you already have and be unsure of whether or not you can take the stress of expanding your practice. Just as technology is constantly changing how you diagnose and treat many common health conditions, it has also made it possible for you to streamline your schedule and see more people. As you explore your current practices, consider these options that open up your ability to build more relationships with patients and reduce stress.

Save Time With Transcription Services

You got into the medical field to help people, yet most doctors are forced to spend hours of their day typing up medical records and jotting down notes. As you know, proper record keeping is essential for tracking your patient’s health changes over time and documenting their treatment plans. While it is frustrating to need to jot down notes from appointments and transfer them to the electronic files manually, you don’t have to deal with this anymore. Using transcription for medical offices allows doctors to outsource all that tedious record keeping. This opens up more hours for direct patient care.

Open the Door to Remote Patients With Virtual Office Visits

Right now, there are patients who want to see you who may not find it feasible to get to the office. For instance, some of your elderly patients may struggle with transportation issues, and using virtual office visits to follow up on their health conditions could allow them to continue to use your services. While you should never cut corners during your virtual office visits due to tele health liability concerns, you will find that these visits go faster than those that occur in your office. This option also allows you to treat patients outside of normal business hours without burdening your office staff.

Set Up an Online Pre-Check-In Option for Patients

Trying to figure out how doctors see more patients is as simple as looking at parts of your day that represent wasted time. For example, having patients spend half an hour filling out paperwork and signing in to their appointment at the front desk clogs up the waiting room and forces your office staff to spend hours every week answering questions and entering data into digital records systems, rather than efficiently moving patients in and out. Online pre-check-in services allow your patients to manage all of the initial paperwork from their home. This way, they only need to spend a few minutes in the waiting area. Since many of these programs also let you see their primary reason for visiting, you can already be one step ahead as you walk into the examination room.

Embracing new technology is the best way to see more patients without running into roadblocks such as exhaustion or too much stress. As you get started with expanding your practice, remember to start small by delegating tasks such as record keeping so that you can chart the noticeable growth that increases your success as a doctor.

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