A major new partnership has been signed between Singapore and the Northern Health Science Alliance organization, all in an effort to help accelerate the development of medical technology – especially innovations coming out of the startup community – that best stand a chance to help improve the health and well-being of not only Singapore citizens about citizens of the world as well.

The medical technology field is absolutely exploding these days, especially here in Singapore. Technology is making it possible to rapidly diagnose conditions and illnesses that went undiagnosed in the past, but they are also producing new leaps forward when it comes to research, development, and actual treatment protocols that simply wouldn’t have been possible without these technological solutions.

Singapore has a red-hot startup community that is really establishing itself over the last few years. Today, it rivals Silicon Valley is one of the most popular places to establish a new start, and many expect it to be on par with that ancestral home of startups sooner rather than later.

Medical technology company – like an Zicom MedTacc, for example – are going to be supported and provided incredible resources thanks to the new partnership between the Singapore government and the Northern Health Science Alliance organization as well as the medical technology field in general.

Medical technology companies are going to be able to work directly with the Singapore government in a way that wasn’t possible previously, but they are also going to get a tremendous amount of support from the corporate world and the academic world that wasn’t really there in the past to improve solutions, to rapidly innovate, and to guarantee that the solutions offered are as impactful on a regional and global scale as they could possibly be.

Zicom MedTacc is one of the most famous medical technology accelerators, working specifically with medical technology companies and startups in this field. This has helped them to grow the medical technology solutions available in Singapore and the Southeast Asian community faster than they may have been able to otherwise, providing leadership, resources, capital investment, and connections that would have taken for longer to build up previously.

This all produces an environment for these kinds of companies that just doesn’t exist outside of Silicon Valley in the United States and a handful of other locations. In partnership with the Northern Health Science Alliance organization – an alliance of the top eight universities in the north of England – and the Singapore government, there’s going to be a tremendous amount of collaboration that wouldn’t have had a foundation previously as well as a lot of innovation that might not have ever had an opportunity to happen, either.

It’s impossible to know exactly what the short and long-term results of this partnership are going to be until we start to see some fruits from the labor of this partnership. But there’s a reason why so many in the tech, medical, and started community are so excited about the prospects of the Singapore and Northern Health Science Alliance organization agreement. Things are heating up in Singapore, and the Zicom MedTacc accelerator is certainly going to push the field of medical technology further into the future then it would have been able to if this partnership never came to fruition.

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