Staying strong during the recovery process of overcoming an addiction is not always an easy feat, especially if you have relapsed in the past or struggled for many years with your addiction. Learning methods and techniques for staying strong during recovery is extremely important anytime you are working towards beating an addiction and living a happier, healthier life.

Forgive Yourself

One of the biggest steps to take when faced with an addiction is forgiving yourself. Feelings of guilt and shame are extremely common when you have struggled to overcome an addiction in the past and have relapsed or if you have simply been unable to give up the substances you are using. Forgiving yourself is essential to move forward with a plan of action and to change the outlook and perspective you have regarding your future. Once you have selected a rehab center or program that is right for you, forgive yourself and instead, feel proud that you are taking the necessary steps to move on from old and negative habits in your life.


Eating healthy, getting enough rest, and exercising regularly are essential to staying strong during the recovery process when working towards beating an addiction. When you are enrolled in an inpatient rehab program, learn how to reintroduce a steady routine into your daily life.

Routines are important for a healthy, productive, and fulfilling life, especially when you want to steer clear of returning to your addiction. With a routine, spend more time dabbling in hobbies, socialization, and other healthy activities that bring a sense of joy to your life without providing time for the temptation to use alcohol or drugs.

Create a Healthy Support Network

Mental and emotional support goes a long way when battling an addiction. Reach out to family members and friends who understand the struggles you are going through to build a support network of your own. Inform your support network of your rehabilitation plans and ask for assistance with regards to taking care of your home, pets, and even children if you choose to enroll in an inpatient rehab program. Support networks provide the boost of confidence necessary to stick with any rehab program you have chosen.

Obtain a Sponsor

Obtain a sponsor whether you have chosen an inpatient or outpatient rehab solution. Sponsorships provide you with an individual who is available 24/7 whenever you are in need of additional mental and emotional support. Additionally, sponsors are also individuals who have faced addictions and have experience with the challenges and obstacles you are presented with each day.

Attend Individual and Group Therapy Sessions

Attending individual counseling and therapy sessions allows you to open up to a professional who is well-versed in addiction and overcoming addictions. Individual therapy is beneficial when learning how to express your emotions and feelings regarding the underlying causes and triggers of your addiction. If possible, join group therapy sessions during your recovery rehab program to meet other individuals who are also facing similar trials and tribulations. Group therapy is important to connect with others without feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and shamed whenever you discuss the problems you are facing and the temptation you feel. With group therapy, learn that you are not alone in your journey to sobriety.

Seek Joy From Hobbies

Addictions often cause individuals to lose sight of what they enjoy most, whether it is music, art, or even outdoor sports. Find peace and seek joy from hobbies and activities that were once a major part of your life to remain strong throughout your recovery.

Set Short and Long-Term Goals for Yourself

Setting both short and long-term goals help to maintain a positive outlook for your future after you have overcome a physical addiction. Work together with therapists, counselors, and addiction specialists to create goals that are feasible and attainable with your current lifestyle and the lifestyle you want to lead once your program is complete. Setting goals is a way to remain focused on a brighter future rather than falling back into using drugs and alcohol or dabbling in bad habits. With goals, gain your sense of self-worth and move forward with a working plan of action to create a life you truly desire.

When you are familiar with methods and techniques that help maintain strength while being your addiction, feel a sense of confidence moving forward with your goals and plans for the future. With  JourneyPure Bowling Green, feel comfortable with and confident about your decision to enroll in a rehabilitation program that is optimal for you.

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