Boost your immunity

Warts are generally causes by viruses. Therefore, the best way to remove them completely is by boosting your immunity. By this, we mean your ability to fight them. In fact, several people notice that warts tend to show up when they are feeling sick or drained out. You need to make sure you are getting some good amount of rest on a regular basis. Make sure to use some good immune boosters. A few include turmeric, Vitamin C, olive leaf, elderberry and cat’s claw.

Stop it from spreading

The problem with warts is that they can easily be passed from one person to the other. However, you can also learn how to stop them from spreading in your own body through touch. If you watch your warts, then just touch some part of your body before washing hands, this could spread virus. So be very conscious of this and make sure to wash your hands.

Pineapples are useful too!

Did you know that fresh pineapples are considered great for those who have warts? Yes! You can apply them directly on the warts a few times in a day and the natural enzymes will surely help.


Mix fresh garlic with water and then apply the paste on the wart itself. You can apply a bandage on top as well. Application every few hours can help the wart disappear actually.

Baking powder

Did you know that the combination of castor oil and baking powder is extremely helpful? You can apply it on the wart at night and then cover it using a bandage. Repeat them on a regular basis. You can also try some fresh basil that are crushed. You can mix them as well if you please.

Vitamin C

Consider crushing Vitamin C tablets, mix it with water and create a thick paste out of it. You can apply the wart and cover using a bandage. You may also try Vitamin E, break the capsule and apply all over the wart. Using a cover helps too!

And that ladies & gentlemen is how you can get rid of warts the right way! However, natural remedies may not be enough. You may look at wartol official website to get some good advice and creams on how to get rid of them!

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