Employers have been managing drug tests with increasing frequency in the past 20 years or so, for a number of different reasons. These include trustworthiness with confidential details, safety, and health insurance costs. Some privacy advocates have protested such policies, specially when they occur randomly rather than due to a reasonable suspicion, but employers have found the advantages to be substantial.

Rather than sending potential employees or those picked from random testing to the laboratories, some employers have started performing their own on-site drug testing. Advantages of on-site drug testing include accuracy, convenience and cost effectiveness.

The most commonly used approach in on-site drug screening is the oral swab. Employers prefer this approach as it costs them just about $1 for each test they conduct. This is certainly a big amount of savings when compared to urine or other lab tests. Furthermore, getting a sample for testing through oral screening is considerably less embarrassing for employees than asking them for providing their urine samples. Oral screening is also very quick. Instead of waiting for 34 or 48 hours for the results, an on-site drug screening of this type produces results in just about ten minutes. With an accuracy and precision of approximately 98 percent, many employers prefer turning to this cost effective and quick approach to screen their employees.

Other employers prefer having drug screening by using urine samples. One product that is used for on-site urine testing is the urine dipstick. By collecting the urine samples in the particular provided cup, the HR officer can then test the sample for the presence or absence of drugs for up to 8 hours. These particularly designed cups keep the urine at room temperature for several hours, making sure that the sample is fresh.

Convenience and cost are the two other reasons that make the employers opt for on-site drug screening. This perhaps be specially crucial to small businesses that have limited resources. By eliminating the potential drug abusers and saving on the costs from screening, employers find the technique of on-site drug screening to more pleasant alternative to the conventional means.

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