Good mental health is characterized by:

• The ability of individuals to know their potential and maximize the potential
• The ability of individuals to overcome the situation faced pressing
• The ability of individuals to work in a productive and useful in the workplace,
families, communities, and among friends

Mental health is as important as physical health. both should be equally guarded.

In life, we have times when we feel depressed, sad, or scared. Often those feelings disappear with the completion of the problems we face. But sometimes those feelings develop into more serious problems. it was could happen to any of us.

Each individual has a different way to solve any problems faces. There can bounce back from setbacks while there are Another may feel burdened by it for a long time.

Mental health that we have not always the same. May change due to changes in the environment and we are moving through the stages of life different. With these changes, then we should be able to maintain in order to have good mental health.

Practical way that can be done to keep our mental health:

1. Accept and respect yourself
Every individual is different and unique, but the same thing is not there perfect individual. Respect for ourselves. Recognize and accept weaknesses we have, however, focus on the things that become our strengths. Be more realistic about the things that they want us to change in ourselves. If this can be changed, try to change it slowly.

2. Maintain a good relationship
No need to struggle alone when we face a problem. kinship and good friends can help overcome the pressures of life as it can provide input and make us feel cared for. keep keeping good relations with the always exchanging news on the phone, meet, and tell each other.

3. Active activism
Be active and meet more people joined in new activities in the environment. Come in the community, set up a meeting with friends, or follow a course that can help us to feel better. Come activities which aims to help others also can make us feel needed and become increasingly valuable. This makes the more confidence increased. Activities such as this also helps us see the world from the view Different thus help seeing the problem from another point of view.

4. Storytelling to others
Talk about the feelings felt not signify that we are weak, but it is part of our efforts to maintain mental health. Heard by others makes us feel supported and not alone. May initially be difficult, but if they do then it will get used. because of it, find someone who you can talk to and tell them exactly casually that is in your head.

5. Actively engaged
Find the sport that we like and start doing. Exercise the body is believed to can secrete chemical compounds in the brain that make us feel better. Therefore, regular exercise can make us feel more positive, helps concentration, sleep, and make us feel and look better. Moving does not have to exercise, but it can be done through other activities like a walk in the park, gardening, or doing household chores. Do it for at least 30 minutes, 3-5 times a week.

6. Perform activities controlled
Doing activities that we like and are interested to help cope with the pressure. Preferred activity is an activity you can do well and can help us more confident and overcome the emotions we feel. Gardening, cooking, painting, playing music, exercising is an example of an activity that can help we express ourselves. Find activities that can help you.

7. Resting
If too many activities was to make us depressed, then seek time to rest and relax. Listen to your body. If the body is very tired, give it time to sleep. Besides doing activities such as listening to music, reading, watching movies, or try a new activity that is fun. you also can also make arrangements breathing, yoga, or meditation. use 10 minutes for a break in a busy day to help us cope pressure better.

8. Consumption of healthy foods and beverages
Our brain needs nutrients to stay healthy and function properly, such as organ that exist in our bodies. A balanced diet can help health because it can help our mental way of thinking and the way we feel. Try to consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day as well as drinking water. Minimize consumption of caffeinated drinks, high sugar levels, and alcohol. Avoid eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, and using drugs to solve problems or cope with unpleasant feelings that we experience. Things like that do not will solve the problem, on the contrary would create new problems.

9. Ask for help
Sometimes we feel tired or overwhelmed when something bad happens. time problems have started excessive and you feel you can not cope, ask assistance. Family and friends are able to listen to the nearby environment your problem. In addition you can also pray or worship. If you are experiencing physical problems, see your doctor. Likewise, if you think you have a psychological problem, you can consult psychologists, psychiatrists, religious leaders. Do not be shy to sought help from mental health experts for the sake of good. Each person requires assistance from time to time and there is nothing wrong of asking for help. In fact, asking for help is a sign of personal strength.

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