If at any time you have been caught in between which shakeology flavor is the best, then you are on the right platform. Something that is so awesome with Beachbody is that they offer a sample of flavor for sampling. The taste sampler contains four shakeology flavors. For the four pack it will cost you USD 20 which is literally USD 5 per shake.

Shakeology is known for its high protein shake containing very healthy super food ingredients making it the number one nutritious shake in the markets today. The shake has a variety of flavors to choose from.

The first two shakeology flavors that were launched in 2009, are the chocolate and greenberry. After which Beachbody continued to add more flavors with potent ingredients that improved each flavor.

Then the release of the following shakeology flavors followed; Vegan Tropical Strawberry (2010), Chocolate Vegan (2010), Vanilla (2013), Strawberry (2014), and Café Latte in 2016. Something you must seriously note is that, shakeology offers a number of health benefits regardless of the flavor you prefer on taking.

Their ingredients are used in all flavors and the prices are all the same.

So let’s start with Chocolate Vegan Shakeology flavor;

  •     It contains all the new super foods that shakeology has to offer
  •  When mixed with either water or ice cubes alone, it is not as grainy as the tropical strawberry vegan shakeology- which instead has an overwhelming banana taste, and a mixture of tropical flavors
  •   The chocolate taste is fairly light and does not have the rich chocolate taste and is almost a little earthy
  •   It is extracted from the cacao plant which produces natural cocoa

Chocolate shakeology flavor;

  •         It is rich, thick, smoother and sweet
  •         It is the most ordered shakeology flavor
  •         It contains a stronger chocolate flavor

Strawberry shakeology flavor;

  •         It is light and refreshing
  •         Tastes like a lighter version of strawberry milkshake
  •         It is creamy
  •         For strawberry lovers, it is the best smoothie

Vanilla shakeology flavor;

  •         It is plain with very minimal sweetness
  •         It doesn’t taste good on its own. Can be awesome when mixed with coffee
  •         It has a light vanilla taste

Greenberry shakeology flavor;

  •         It is slightly sweet and fruity
  •         It is rich in color incorporating the great superfoods
  •         Tastes quite good

Tropical strawberry flavor;

  •         It is the least overpowering flavor that allows you to blend it with other fruit recipes or juices
  •         It is grainy – making it lose its taste
  •         For customization with other blends then it is the best flavor

My final conclusion is that the best shakeology flavor is always ones preference. Though from their descriptions, I found something to suit me. The most common flavors with great tastes are chocolate and vanilla. You can never go wrong with this two because they can be combined with almost anything. With chocolate, you can mix it or blend with either peanut butter or banana. For strawberry, it would be awesome when blended with some strawberries and blueberries. The chocolate shakeology flavor isn’t a bad bet too.

If you would want to feel that you are eating healthy and at the same time having something sweet, greenberry flavor will work it for you.

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