Have you heard of a high protein diet plan where the participants are needed to consume plenty of high protein food and to cut down on fats, sugar and carbs?

The diet is about eating a low carb, high protein eating plan that will turn food into fuel for our body. It is said that by lowering the intake of carbs, the insulin level in our body is lowered and leads to our body making more glucagon to help burn up the stored fat. It is claimed that as the diet plan continues, the fat will simply melt away.

The plan calls for eating of protein food such as fish, poultry, red meat, low fat cheese, eggs and tofu. It also includes green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, green beans, asparagus, celery, cucumber, and mushrooms. Besides these, the plan also include eating of whole wheat for fibre and some healthy fats such as olive and nut oils, avocado and butter.

Participants in this diet plans are to take a high quality vitamin and mineral supplement with potassium. This is not a very difficult diet plan to follow except that there is a need to change the food you are eating to adjust to the plan. Participants will have to keep to low carb diets. Weight lifting is encouraged to help burn stored fat and moderate amount of protein shakes can be added to make up the amount of protein needed. For vegetarians and vegans who wish to try this diet, you will have to eat lots of tofu for the protein, plus other plant foods which are rich in proteins.

Many have claimed that a high protein with low carbs diet plan is effective in helping you lose weight. The high amount of proteins helps to keep you full better than other types of diet plans. This diet plan works well for people with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. By cutting down on carbs, it helps to lower blood sugar, insulin, bad cholesterol, and blood pressure and at the same time boosts up the good cholesterol.

On the other hand, this high protein diet plan may not be good for those to need to control the level of uric acid that causes gout problem and also those with kidney problems. Even though this may be a simple and a good diet plan, not many people are able to sustain for a long time due to the restrictive diet and there is a need to take daily supplement of vitamins and minerals which can be costly in the long term.

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