Every country has set of strict rules when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Some medicines which are legal in one country can be considered illegal in other country. The pharmaceuticals manufacturing companies should comply with all the regulations and meet the quality standards set by the country. Only then will they be allowed to release the products in to the market. Sometimes the market is raided by fake products manufactured in other countries or locally, these medicines are nowhere near to the actual companies in terms of quality and effectiveness. The branded pharmaceutical companies are taking many measures to avoid these fake products and add many distinctive features to their products to differ the fakes from their original products. But the products manufactured by UGL shouldn’t be considered as fakes.

The actual meaning of UGL

UGL stands for under grounded labs. These labs can be anywhere and can be of any size. You may come across these labs just around the corner of your residential area are they can be set in the industrial section in the outskirts. They may be in such a small size that you can easily accommodate them in your garage or they may be big production unit with huge machinery. So what makes them different from the branded pharmaceutical companies and the illegal fakes? They are different from the branded pharmaceutical companies because UGL doesn’t need to comply with the strict rules and quality standards set by the government. Yet they can release the products in to the market both online and local shops. And what differentiates them from the fake products in the market is the fact that they are not pretending to be other branded pharmaceuticals. These UGL products have their own name and their own features. So UGLs are separate entity in their own right.

Price, quality and effectiveness

The UGL products are usually priced lower when compared the leading pharmaceutical brands this the key factor that attracts the buyers to sort for UGL products. Any particular medicine let it be manufactured by any company has the same elements with very minor changes. So replacing one company medicine with other doesn’t have radical effect .The key factor here is the quality. The quality of the production process and the quality of the elements used in the medicine directly determines effectiveness the product. The more the quality of these elements, the more will be the effectiveness of the medicine. The equation is same with respect to price.

Meeting quality standards costs money, this is then added to the price of that product. As said before the branded pharmaceutical company’s needs to comply with predetermined quality standards which will in turn increase their manufacturing costs so their products are priced high but whereas for UGLs these quality standards do not apply. They get to choose their own quality standards. If they opt for medium quality they may be able to produce an acceptable effective product with a low price which can attract customers. They may choose high quality to provide better effectiveness to the customers and still can manage to quote a lower price because they have flexibility with regulations.

So, not all UGLs can be considered as cheap and less effective. Different UGLs have different quality standards and different price ranges. Where as in respect to branded pharmaceuticals the quality is guaranteed and the same can’t be said about quality of products available through UGL steroid labs.

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