In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most well-known, and effective,fertility treatments available to couples who need a little extra support in startingor extending their family.

As the procedure is incredibly in-depth and goes to great lengths to ensure the best chance of achieving pregnancy, the success rates are incredibly positive.

While the procedure itself has a good chance of success, there are alternative fertility treatments available, which you can pair with IVF to further increase the chances of conception.

If you are considering IVF as the path to take on your fertility journey, and want to undergo an alternative treatment alongside it, but aren’t sure which to choose, read on for a brief description of some of the best natural fertility boosters:


You are probably already aware that exercise, and stretching muscles has many benefits to our body and being.

Not only can it strengthen and tighten our muscles and improve our respiratory systems, but it can release endorphins into our body, meaning that we feel good while we do it.

However, you may not know that yoga could help to aid the fertility process, as it reduces stress, improve focus and keeps important functions such as your metabolism and hormone release in balance.

This, in turn, keeps your body functioning to its full potential and leaves you fit and ready for conception.


Due to its versatility and ability to help with so many different ailments, acupuncture is one of the most well-known methods of alternative medicine.

It is believed that the therapy works by manipulating the flow of energy through the body in a way which helps to heal and improve health.

This thought comes from the similar, ancient method of Chinese medicine. However, the more modern method of the treatment works by inserting small needles strategically into the body to stimulate selected parts.

Acupuncture for fertility is believed to work by changing the way blood flows to the ovaries, in order to thicken the uterus lining and, in turn, make implantation of the egg easier.

If you are still struggling to conceive while using fertility treatment, then considering acupuncture alongside itmay be worthwhile, as past studies have shown that this can increase the chances of success.


The use of various herbs may be able to help improve your fertility, as they are thought to improve different areas of reproductive health.

Certain plant parts, like the stems, flowers and roots, are believed to have qualities ranging from improving libido, increasing the quality of sperm or eggs and regulating your menstrual cycle. All of which can contribute to an easier conception.

In addition, herbs are all completely natural, meaning they can be taken along with any prescribed medication.


Having trouble conceiving can understandably be a time which negatively affects your thoughts, and can put you under a lot of stress.

Unfortunately, these thoughts building up can have an impacton your overall health, making conception even more of a struggle.

If you stay relaxed and attempt to stay positive, you can keep your mind and body healthy, regulating hormone production and function, and increasing your libido. This will make conceiving much easier and improve your overall health.

Fertility meditation is a simple, popular way to stay relaxed and focused on the parts of your life which are positive, in turn improving mental health and reducing stress. This is a highly recommended alternative treatment if you are prone to getting down and agitated on your fertility journey.


Reflexology is an alternative, naturalform of treatment which involves undergoing massages of different feet and hand zones.

It is believed that these areas can have direct effects on other parts of the body, and that stimulating them in an oil-free massage will improve various areas of your health.

Along with this, they can greatly reduce stress, as they help you to release endorphins, helping to reduce pain and promote peace of mind.

Reflexology can complement fertility treatmentsas it can help blood circulate to relevant parts of the body and balance important hormone levels, making conceptionmore likely.

As you can see, there are many different alternative treatments which may make your conception journey a little easier, and considerably more stress-free. Choosing one of these alternative treatments could be a small decision, but one that could benefit your mind and body in a big way.

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