In contemporary times, there are many skin complications which have a lot to do with hampering the appearance of a person. Among all, a skin tag is one of the most common disorders. If you too are facing an issue in dealing with the skin tags then just explore this article and you’ll come to know what all you can do to keep it off.

What is Skin Tag?

A skin tag is a small growth of tissue. It is connected to the skin through a stalk which is termed as peduncle which is small and thin in size. Due to this reason, it looks as if the pouch of skin is hanging on the body part. This growth looks brownish or flesh-like color.

What Causes Skin Tag?

Many researchers are in the progress to discover the main cause for forming of the skin tag. It is believed by many people that it occurs due to the friction created between two sides of the skin. This is because, it is observed in the skin fold areas such as groins, neck, eyelids, under the breast, armpits, etc. If it is bigger in size and originated from an awkward area then it becomes exceptionally necessary to get an effective skin tag removal treatment.

Treating Skin Tag Effectively

While talking about the treatment, consulting a reliable skin clinic in London could help you the most to get rid of the skin pouch hanging on the body. Commonly there are four types of techniques which includes litigation, cryotherapy, cauterization, and excision. A diagnosed person has to go through medical surgery to ensure that it gets eliminated completely in such a way that it doesn’t return while leaving a scar behind.

Although skin tag removal treatment performed by professional doctors will be safe enough, you’d have to go through an elongated procedure. It would be better to prevent yourself from getting trapped into these types of skin complications. To assist you with the same, we’ve compiled some of the preventive tips that would aid you greatly.

Preventive Tips of Skin Tags

Improve Your Health

One of the various causes of skin tag is the obesity. The person whose age is the mid-life and is overweight has high chances to form skin tags. If you wish to prevent it from growing back then it is highly recommended to reduce superfluous pounds.

Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is anyway better for your body. For this purpose, you can intake foods that include more amount of antioxidants such as herbs and fruits. By this means, you can make sure that all the harmful toxins are flushed out of your body while keeping off skin tags.

Avoid Wearing Tight-Fitted Clothes

As skin tags are formed in the areas where skin rubs against each other, it becomes indispensable to avoid it as much as possible. Wearing tight-fitted clothes can cause friction that may lead to generating skin tags on those skin fold areas. In addition, wearing jewelry would create more friction with the body parts. To prevent skin tags from growing, avoiding or reducing the frequency to wear tight clothes would work wonders.

Using Powders To Reduce Friction

The skin fold areas of the body would definitely rub against one another. You can’t avoid this friction created due to your body movements, but reducing it is possible. A use of powder on that areas will help you minimize the friction caused between two sides of the skin. Moreover, many friction-reducing powders are available in the market which is specifically meant for it.

Now that you’re aware of ins and outs, it is entirely dependent upon you to get inspired by these preventive tips and keep off skin tags. Even after taking accurate care you diagnose it on your body, consider visiting the private dermatologist for treating it effectively rather than attempting skin tag removal on your own.

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