Date back to 1983, Russian scientists created phenylpiracetam by synthesizing a phenyl- group to piracetam. Initially, it came into reality for enhancing physical and mental performance of astronauts on International Space Station. Nowadays, phenylpiracetam has earned wide popularity on account of its nootropic benefits. More significantly, it competitively gets rid of major CNS-central nervous system side effect connected to most anti-depressant drugs.

What is Phenylpiracetam?

In terms of chemical classification, phenylpiracetam refers to a specific kind of nootropic of the phenyl- derivative of piracetam family. Actually, phenylpiracetam seems to function similarly as piracetam. After all, they share the same chemical body and just differ by the attached phenyl group. And it developed as a nootropic, namely smart drug. Globally, professional Hohance has gained abundant experience in pharmaceutical intermediate phenylpiracetam for over ten years under official approval of the FDA. Phenylpiracetam is commonly known with CAS number 77472-70-9. Clinically, phenylpiracetam aims at a wide range of benefits for cognitive function, immunity system, physical stamina, memory, etc. More importantly, not only does phenylpiracetam perform 60 to 100 times more effectively than piracetam, but also working out more neuro-protectively for brain health.

Top 6 Nootropic Benefits of Phenylpiracetam

  1. Boost Brain Health

Patients suffer from cognitive decline with poor brain health. As a matter of fact, phenylpiracetam works to increase blood flow in neuro-system. More oxygen and nutrients enter brain cells for boosting continuous alertness, cognition, focus and mood.

Besides, Hohance phenylpiracetam is commonly used in nootropics supplements for brain health enhancement with its similar mechanism to piracetam. Owing to its psychostimulatory property, clinical effects shows positive power to improve individuals’ capacity to learn and concentrate.

  1. Boost Cognitive Memory

What’s more, phenylpiracetam turns to exist as R and S enantiomers. That means they exist as a pair of molecules which are mirror images of each other. More importantly, it is the fact that Hohance phenylpiracetam R enantiomer form is more helpful according to memory enhancement. In a specific experiment, phenylpiracetam achieved an increasing amount of dopamine receptors in rats which had a symptom of memory loss.

  1. Prevent Convulsion

Nowadays, most modern individuals have suffered from torturous convulsions for an anxious stage or long-term anxiety under huge pressure. They just wake up from a sudden, violent and irregular movement of a limb.

Actually, it is mainly caused by some specific involuntary contractions of muscles because of associated brain disorders such as epilepsy. Importantly, studies have shown that phenylpiracetam supplement enables to enhance central nervous system (CNS) action and rebalance the conditions where this coordination is out of orders.

  1. Improve Immune System

In another experiment, tested rats group A and group B got an LPS injection to stimulate its immune-system. We all know that LPS tends to result in higher depression and lower physical performance because of its invasive interference in the immune system.

Before the LPS injection, group A had been injected with daily 25mg/kg of Hohance’s high-purity phenylpiracetam for 5 days. It turned to the result that group B showed behavior alternation owing to the interference in the immune system. On the contrary, group A made the opposite result with no obvious response of antibody for because of injected phenylpiracetam.

  1. Improve Physical Performance

In a published open-field trail, the test group rats fulfill faster and farther moving due to phenylpiracetam. However, the placebo group takes effect exactly the opposite way. It is a clear fact that phenylpiracetam helps better physical performance.

What’s more, it works for patients who have worse physical performance after a stroke. Phenylpiracetam takes effect in which neurotransmitters enable to lead nerves to become energetic, negative, depressive or exciting. In some clinical test, patients get better recovered with daily usage of phenylpiracetam from taking 200 to 600mg.

For example, volunteers were divided into two groups, group A and group B. Certainly, group A were given 200mg of phenylpiracetam per day for a month, and group B were given a placebo of the same amount as group A. In this month, all the volunteers shared the same environment with undifferentiated drinking, sleeping, etc. Eventually, the researchers found that the phenylpiracetam given group showed an obvious improvement in motor coordination, brain function, memory, focus and counting.

  1. Reduce Anxiety and Depression

As a symptom of stroke, emotional anxiety has been reduced more or less with phenylpiracetam. It’s more than that. Generally, phenylpiracetam works to reduce symptoms of depression and fear. Nevertheless, phenylpiracetam is distinctive from the common prescription of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs. It has no sedative action or other CNS side effects linked to these drugs.

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