Water purification has always been a really confusing topic for a layman. There are so many purification technologies that are used by various water purifiers and most of the common folks are unsure of what they actually require from their water purifier. One of the most common ways of purification is UV purification. Ultra Violet radiation is known to be a really good disinfectant. Various water purifiers use UV technology to get rid of impurities from the raw water supply so that the water you drink is pure.

Here is everything that you need to know about UV technology and water disinfection:

Impurities Purified by UV Technology

UV disinfection technology is known to kill all kinds of disease-causing pathogens from water. This ensures that your family is free from any kind of waterborne diseases. Here are a few pathogens that are removed by UV disinfection technology:

  • Bacterial Agents:

UV disinfection technology has proven to be really effective against bacterial agents like Salmonella, Salmonella Typhi, Shigella, Campylobacter, Vibrio Cholerae and Pseudomonas. These cause diseases like stomach illness, diarrhea, shigellosis, cholera, legionellosis and other bacterial diseases. Using a UV water purifier ensures that you don’t get these diseases.

  • Viral Agents:

Few waterborne viral agents are Hepatitis A Virus and Norovirus. Both these viruses are dangerous as they can cause inflammation of liver to the host. Proper disinfection is required for viral agents and UV technology is an excellent way to disinfect water of viral agents.

  • Parasitic Agents:

Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Schistomsomatidae are a few parasitic agents that are found in water. They cause diarrheal illness like crytpsporidiosis and giardiasis. UV disinfection technology is a good way of killing these parasitic agents. These impurities are purified by UV technology and if your water has any of these impurities, it is advised to get a purifier that uses UV radiation for disinfecting water.

How Does UV Purification Technology Work?

UV purification is the simplest form of purification technology. A UV radiation lamp is used for purifying impure water. Many UV purifiers have activated carbon filters before the water is subjected to UV purification. This is because the water from municipal authorities is disinfected using chlorine, which is harmful for the human body. The activated carbon filter removes chlorine-based impurities and the treated water is then passed to the UV radiation chamber.

In the UV radiation chamber, water is subjected to UV radiation that comes out of a UV lamp. This lamp releases continuous UV radiations and the water subjected to it gets purified. UV is harmful for all kinds of pathogens. The dead bodies of the contaminants are removed by UF filter. Due to this, the pathogens that are present in water die and they are removed from the water. The water that comes out of the UV radiation chamber is free from all disease-causing pathogens and you can drink this water.

Other Purification Technologies

Although UV purification is one of the best ways of getting rid of waterborne diseases, having a few more purification techniques ensures that you are drinking 100% pure water. Other technologies that can be used to purify water are RO or Reverse Osmosis purification and UF purification. Both purification technologies complement and help UV purification and combining all these technologies ensures that you get the best purification of water.

Having an in-depth knowledge of how UV disinfection technology works in water purification will help you decide what kind of purification is needed. Opt for UV purification to be free from any kind of waterborne diseases.

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