It is estimated that up to 45% of men are dissatisfied with their penis size or suffer from penis size anxiety. This has led many men to try and find solutions to either increase their girth or length. The problem is most of the solutions available in the market are either ineffective or harmful. That’s why we’ve though we should outline some of the safer ways you can make your penis bigger;

If your aim is to become wider, the following are some solutions to try;

  1. Autologous Fat Injections

Fat harvested from the patient’s body can be injected into the penis to increase girth. This is perhaps the most widely used solution due to the fact that it is safe and often very successful. It is also easy to accomplish since it can performed under local anesthesia.

  1. Artificial Fillers – Hyaluronic Acid

Another very popular way to increase the penis girth is through injecting filler called Hyaluronic acid. This procedure can also be performed under local anesthesia which means lower cost. But the results tend to be temporary since the body can absorb the filler over time.

  1. Fat Graft

Instead of injecting fat into the penis, doctors can also place a layer of fat around the penis to increase girth. Although this may significantly increase the size of the penis, it can also cause significant scarring since the penis needs to be de-gloved and the fat placed around the penis.

If you aim to become longer, the following are some of your best options;

  1. Suspension of Ligaments

There is a part of your penis that extends inside your body. If you reach below your testicles, you can feel it through the skin. This part is attached to your pubic bone by ligaments. They keep the penis facing upwards when erect. When these ligament are removed and a small piece of surgical material placed there, this hidden section is exposed which significantly increases the length of the penis. This solution is the most popular since it produces permanent and satisfying results.

  1. The Penis Implant

You can significantly enhance the length of both the flaccid and erect penis with the help of a penile implant or penile prosthesis. The prosthesis can be inserted into the penis in a simple surgical procedure. This implant will often have 2 long chambers that fill with air when you operate the simple pump. The pump is located below your scrotum and can be used to create an erection whenever you need to.

  1. Penile Reconstruction

Your penis can completely be disassembled to its basic parts and then the surgeons can create space between the penis head and shaft during reconstruction. Cartilage is then taken for you and inserted into the gap, thereby increasing the size of the penis. The main problem with this option is you have to go through major surgery and there is always increased risk of complications and infection with any kind of surgery.

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