Whether knee replacement is beneficial ; you will get to know about it eventually while go through the lines. So before proceeding ahead, it is very important to know who is eligible for knee surgery. Usually people opt for knee surgery, when the pain in the knee joints becomes unbearable and mobility decreases and every treatment seem to be just an abstract.

Well knee troubles, which eventually takes the shape of osteoarthritis is quite common in the peoples of India, USA, UK and some more, so you can have ample treatment options in these countries. Among them India is the most preferred one, the reason is – the success rate for knee treatment via surgery is phenomenal. The cost of Knee replacement surgery in India is also quite affordable as compared to other countries & with the use of advance technologies knee replacement in India has become quite effective and reliable too. And with the support of various portals like Clinicspots which make the treatment process quite easy going for the patients, as they filter the other medical hacks.

How & Why

Generally people treat knee replacement as the last option, when all the medication, therapies & alternative treatment fails and technically the stage 4 of the osteoarthritis is the alarm to go for the surgery. Still many people tend to ignore the surgery, thinking that it’s an expensive option without realising that any other treatment option will cost you way more as it will run all through their life. And delay in this final intervention can cost you in serious repercussions like –

  • Weakened or malfunction in muscles and ligaments.
  • Deformities outside the knee joints.
  • High level of discomfort or inability, while performing the daily routines like walking, bathing, driving etc due to lost functionalities of the knee


  • Complications furthermore which may require surgery eventually.
  • Can give rise to other serious conditions like back pain or hip injury while releasing pressure from knee in performing day to day activities.

Further use of knee in this condition can cause severe deterioration which we can tag as permanent damage. And over here medication may it be narcotics, opiods will also fail, as they all are mere temporary solutions.

So what is the best option, we are left with in order to preserve our bucks & also to get rid of this condition permanently?

Well it looks like quite a hated word and nobody wants this word should ever  relate to their health condition, but believe me this word is not as daunting as it looks like, in fact it’s a one show solution to your knee worries. “Surgery” isn’t the same as it use to be & also it’s a onetime investment, & you don’t have to encounter you knee trouble all the time, in fact in 90% of cases, knee replacement lasts at least for 10 years.

Knee replacement

Technological advancement like Minimally Invasive surgery (MIS) technique which needs small incision to operate unlike the previous techniques were; where the treatment was more painful and recovery was quite slow. But with MIS you will have small incision means small scar which means quick recovery, the new pain management technique, the use of titanium & zimmer implants will make you feel young. And still if you go for any other options, then you may get temporary relief, whose cost you will have to bear whole life which will eventually exceed the surgery cost. As we all know that, the progression towards osteoarthritis can’t be stopped; only it can be frictioned.

So unfortunately, If you have become the victim of osteoarthritis in the early age, then ultimately it will advance towards the alarming stage, where to get rid of this demon permanently, the only option you will be left with is surgery. And also the success rate of the knee replacement is also close to 95% which is the best success rate in any of the surgery, which proves that it’s the best option over any other treatment options.

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