Nowadays, there are many reason that we often suffer from stresses, strains and pains. We are dedicated to offering high quality home physiotherapy for pain, sports injuries, neurological conditions, the older person, women’s health and people after surgery. Many people prefer our Health 2 U Physiotherapy because after just one session it is possible for your therapist to fully understand your needs as an individual.

We provide our service at your home, workplace, hotel, carehome, sports ground or school. Performing physiotherapy in your home environment means that your therapist can witness your problems first hand. If you prefer a clinic we are located Centrally in Telok Ayer and Hougang. Our physiotherapists will work hard to help return you to any daily living activities, working or sporting activities you may be limited with as a consequence of your condition.

Our physios are experienced in recreating any treatment you can have in a clinic for you where-ever you are.  Exercise equipment and treatment tables can be easily arranged. For our first visit, we will ask questions, look at your movement, strength, balance, coordination, and other daily functional activities. Then, we will give detailed assessments and treatment for each individual. Finally, physiotherapist will then start on an appropriate treatment programme specially created for you.

Most of the techniques and exercises used by your physiotherapist will not hurt.  However sometimes some discomfort can be experienced with techniques such as soft tissue work , manual therapy, massage and stretching.  This discomfort can occasionally extend to the next day but this is not a problem as then will relieve and the overall pain you were experiencing should resolve as the body restores to a more ideal way and cure the pain in the long run.

Our treatment plans are aiming to help you achieve any goals that have been set between you and your physio and restore you back to work, sport or any other daily activities you may be struggling with due to your injury, pain and condition. In addition, we appreciate that you may need to see a physiotherapy outside of normal working hours, this is why we offer evening and weekend appointments at no extra cost.

Physiotherapy at home is highly personal and many of our patients feel more relaxed exploring pain or discussing medical complaints at home than they do behind a curtain or in a cubicle. Our physiotherapy service at home is also fully claimable under insurance. In many circumstances you won’t need to pay a cent, as the company deals directly with your insurance of your behalf

If you are suffering pain that has just started or been around a while it is best to start physiotherapy as soon as possible. The physiotherapist will have a variety of treatments that can be used to alleviate pain and restrictions in and around the joints and muscles of the back and neck. Please contact us through phone, whatsapp or email.  An appointment with Health 2 U Physiotherapy will be then arranged at a convenient location and time for you.

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